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Our goal in the Open media group is to talk about society and talk about others. Talking about yourself is always in the last place. That’s why it took us so long to start creating our new website. But only when we started collecting materials, we have become aware of how many successful projects are behind us, how many awards and how much cooperation with partners on different projects.

We want to share it with everyone on this website.

O.M.G. is consisted of young people who have decided to use their expertise and experience to promote human rights and equality. This is precisely why we decided to establish an association – we wanted to use our professional experience, which is closely related to the media and production, for the overall and purposeful promotion of human rights.

Among our projects are numerous media awareness campaigns we have designed and implemented, as well as documentaries, which have achieved great success at festivals, winning numerous awards, but also among viewers, who have recognised their value.

Read more about our projects under the list of implemented projects and under the Multimedia section, look at the spots and posters of our campaigns.