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Iz doma na svoje

The three-year programme “From foster to prosper” to young people without parental care provides alternative social services such as:

  • continuous education on the online platform;
  • support for the implementation of activities to improve competitiveness in the labour market;
  • acquisition of practical skills for independent life;
  • meeting with employers.

Project duration:
from 1 June 2020. to 31 of May 2023.

Contact person:
Martina Belić, martina.belić


The “From foster to prosper” programme is financed by the Ministry of labour, pension system, family and social policy. The partners are the CZPUZ Kuća sretnih ciglica from Slavonski Brod and THE CZPUZ Klasje from Osijek

During the first year of implementation of programme activities, we collaborated with THE CZPUZ Kuća sretnih ciglica, and since September 2021 we continue our activities in the new year of programme implementation.

By participating in activities, we strive to facilitate the process of independence, prevent poverty and return to the social welfare system.

The emphasis is on the development of professional and practical skills necessary to lead an independent life, directly merging with employers and thus providing an opportunity to find an adequate job.


During the first year of programme implementation, excellent cooperation was achieved with CZPUZ Kuća sretnih ciglica. Children and young people from the centre participated in the two-day culinary and labour market competitiveness workshops in May 2021. During the culinary workshop, they acquired the skills to prepare quality meals independently under the guidance of the cook Matija Rukavina.

At the workshops of competitiveness on the labour market, high school students had the opportunity to create first CVs and motivational letters and search for open job positions as a preparation for independent life and career development.

The program “From foster to prosper” in June 2021 hosted young people from the CZPUZ Kuća srentih ciglica in Zagreb. With the continuation of labour market competitiveness workshops, young people had the opportunity to participate in a speed date event for the first time – meet with employers and participate in job interviews.

Young people spoke to employers from the company – Valamar Riviera Hotels, Pevex, Decathlon, L’ real Adria, Metro and Tommy.

We thank the bakery Dubravica and the company Sv. Rok for sponsorship and the Zagreb Innovation Centre – ZICER for the hospitality.

In their spare time, young people visited the BODIES 2.0 exhibition at the Gallery Klovićevi dvori and the Museum of Illusions. We hereby thank you for the donated tickets.