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Pal Push Entrepreneurship

Open media group is one out of seven partners on the “Pal push 2” project.


Pal push 2 is a continuation of the Pal push 1 project with an expanded target group, which this time includes marginalized groups, people at risk of poverty, single mothers, Roma and refugees.

The Pal push 2 project pays attention to people who want to start or improve their own business and facilitate employment for the unemployed. For this purpose, the project is preparing two curricula that will enable members of marginalized groups to acquire new skills for entering the labor market in an affordable way.

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PAL CAMP training in Brasov, Romania

14/11/2022PAL CAMP training in Brasov, Romania An international training course PAL CAMP for Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Romanian Transylvania, is collecting together a team of 35 experts to pilot educational materials on entrepreneurship. During three days, from 7 to 9 November 2022, the participants from Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Greece shared…